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"Laurie Harper has been my agent and publishing partner for twenty-five years. She has helped me shape my career, manage the book process among multiple books, and negotiate all deals for my best interest and protection. Her consultancy to business and finance authors, including contract negotiation and management, are valuable services that will only make you more successful."

Robert G. Hagstrom, Chairman, SAM Investment Management Committee, Author of international best-seller THE WARREN BUFFETT WAY

It's Time.

You've created success, for yourself and others. You know how it's done and what others need to know for success in their own ventures and lives. Your ideas for a book have been percolating, notes have been made, files created. It's time to dive in. 

Or maybe you've experienced something during your rise in the business world that needs to be written about and shared.

Perhaps you're already speaking about your expertise at conferences, corporate offsite or universities.

No matter how you've come to this point of writing your book, Laurie Harper's decades in publishing and agenting business and finance books will benefit you. With her analysis, information, market insight and advice, you'll navigate the publishing industry with precision, strategically aligning your book for maximum opportunity and success. 

Laurie's operational and strategic counsel, timely suggestions and extensive resources will help you sort out the options, make the best informed decisions and get you where you want to go.


What Clients Have to Say...

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"In the tangled world of publishing, Laurie pointed me in the right direction - with a map and resources every step of the way. She saved me meaningful time, money and needless frustration. Her guidance was invaluable." ~ Leslie L. Kossoff, Founder/CEO, Leadership Quantified LLC, Author of award-winning, EXECUTIVE THINKING

"Without Laurie Harper's help - from concept to proposal to contract negotiation and far beyond - I would not have been able to accomplish what is turning out to be true legacy work. My writing career will always be deeply in her debt." ~ Paul Fisher, Social Architect, New Giants Consulting, Author of BEYOND THE DAYS OF THE GIANTS and NEW GIANTS RISING

"Laurie took me under her wings twenty years ago for my very first book. She weaned me away from writing as an academic researcher and taught me to write with understandable language. With Laurie’s developmental, sage advice, I have now written six business books—all of which Laurie represented as my agent—which resulted in one best-seller, several books translated into multiple languages, and my books opening doors to successful national and international consulting and speaking contracts. Laurie continues to advise me. She models what I have been writing about for two decades—the positive impact of everyday civility in society and our workplaces." ~ Mitchell Kusy, Ph.D., Corporate Psychologist, Professor, Antioch University Graduate School of Leadership & Change, Fulbright Scholar, Organization Development

"I didn't need an agent to sell my nonfiction book, but I did need help with my first contract. My publisher used Laurie's changes to modify their boilerplate language. Laurie is knowledgeable, scrupulously honest, ethical, and easy to work with. I have continued to use her consulting services on subsequent books." ~ Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D. Police Psychologist, author of Author of I LOVE A COP and I LOVE A FIREMAN, and the Dot Meyerhoff Mystery series

"Even though I have written a dozen books, I had never used an agent before Laurie. She provided me counsel, fought with the publisher tirelessly on my behalf and used her expertise to negotiate a contract for me that protected my best interests. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner." ~ Aswath Damordaran, Ph.D. Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Throughout my decades in the industry, I have cultivated relationships with editors, publishers, freelancers, and booksellers. I’ve worked alongside the Authors Guild to address evolving issues that affect all authors. Long after the work for and on a book is done, the relationships continue. These enduring relationships are worth everything we all go through as, together, we work toward your success in writing and publishing excellent books. ~ Laurie
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