Veteran Literary Agent. Small Press Publisher. Published Author.

With over thirty years' experience, Laurie Harper is known and respected by publishers, editors, agents, authors and ghostwriters across the business publishing landscape.

Laurie uses her extensive knowledge, experience and contacts to customize each engagement to her author-client's needs. Known in particular for her work with executive business authors, she brings her wealth of experience and perspective to help her author-clients achieve the same success in publishing that they've experienced - and created - in their industries and careers.

Laurie is known by publishers and authors as a tough negotiator, resulting from her keen knowledge and understanding of publishing contracts. As an author advocate, she is committed to authors having fair representation and never being stuck with an unfair publishing agreement simply because they didn't have the help they needed.

As well, because her work is unique to each author-client's needs, she limits the number of clients she works with at any particular time. By doing so, she ensures that each author-client is receiving exactly the attention, support and guidance needed at exactly the right time.

Laurie is a graduate of the Stanford Publishing Course and Member of the Authors Guild.




Laurie Harper