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  • Analysis of what you've done so far with recommendation of next steps and a "road map" of how to proceed - all based on your goals. This includes an analysis of the project's market, your book proposal, and your book's positioning for the market 
  • Identifying the best-matched publishers for your book and goals, and providing you with all the information you need to approach them. This includes reviewing your query.
  • Option of flat-fee agenting, by mutual agreement.
  • Assistance with Publishing Agreements - whether reviewing and annotating it for you to negotiate with the publisher or negotiating it on your behalf.
  • Guidance and assistance in understanding/negotiating Licensing Agreements or Collaboration Agreements.
  • Assistance with Termination and/or Reversion of Rights from a publisher.


Note:  CONTRACT Review and/or Negotiation

This service is available to all authors as part of a larger engagement or as a stand-along service. Because contracts are time sensitive, they are always given top priority.